"Fun and Play!                                                  ...with Vazzy"                           Photo: Megan Kienas

A lively and interactive young audience performance for concerts, children's festivals, music festivals and other events.

Introducing a parade of acoustic musical instruments while discovering traditional French-Canadian music, songs, culture and “joie de vivre”!

Fiddle, banjo, harmonica, spoons, jaw’s harp, mandolin, bodhran, oud, doumbek, foot percussion, tambourine and bagpipes intermingle at the party!

Meet some special little guests...dancing up a storm! Form a hands on percussion orchestra, then turn into a marching band! Learn a few French words while having a whole lot of fun!

 Be part of the act… Come and play, sing and dance!





Also available, traditional arts workshops, where we teach the art forms to young participants. See full descriptions under: Schools/Workshops.

We offer four types of workshops                                                                                                 _ Foot-percussion (podorythmy) and spoon playing

_ Traditional Dance

_ Rounds, dances, rhymes and songs

_ Traditional Songs of French-Canada


*Live fiddle accompaniment to all workshops. The two artists are present at all times. 45 minutes


Contact us at    250-442-3818 





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