Dans Mon Chemin Rencontre

by Vazzy

Released 2006
Released 2006
A collection of traditional songs and acoustic music from Acadia, Quebec and France, from tragic medieval ballads to toe tapping comedy!
The duo Vazzy offer a warm, dynamic and engaging performance of traditional French-Canadian music.
The two talented musicians have entertained audiences from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland and the US.

Vazzy's repertoire includes beautiful ballads and lively humorous songs from the French-Canadian tradition, as well as toe-tapping fiddle and dance tunes from the French, Celtic, Metis and Canadian musical traditions.

The two musicians love of travel, people and cultures from around the globe has taken them to many places…It is reflected in their music.

Suzanne Leclerc was raised in a small Acadian community in northern New-Brunswick. Born into a farming family of sixteen children with roots going back to 17th century, she was introduced to foot percussion by her father and traditional singing by both parents.

She plays harmonica, spoons, bodhran, jaw’s harp, doumbek and tambourine in addition to her warm vocals and foot percussion.

Suzanne likes to share her passion for old songs , some dating back to medieval times, with the audience thru anecdotes revealing the meaning and the history behind them. She sometimes composes new words to songs with dated lyrics but beautiful melodies that should not be forgotten. Suzanne Leclerc: vocals, foot percussion, harmonica, bodhran, doumbek, jawsharp, spoons, tamborine.

Bryn Wilkin was born in Ontario and grew-up in England in an eclectic musical family. He then lived in Southern France, also traveling around the Mediterranean all the way to Asia, beginning a continuing exploration of the world's traditional folk music and associated musical instruments.

Returning to Canada and inspired by the French-Canadian, Celtic, Canadian and Metis traditions, he picked up the fiddle and the tenor banjo. In the troubadour tradition, over time, he has adopted other instruments such as oud (Arabic lute) and early guitar, creating beautiful original arrangements to accompany traditional French-Canadian ballads.

Bryn Wilkin: fiddle, tenor banjo, mandolin, oud, early guitar.

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